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Emergency Maintenance Issues

If you think you may have an emergency issue, we have a different process we need you to follow.

1.) Assess the Urgency: Determine if the maintenance request is an emergency. An emergency is any issue that is life threatening or that involves fire, flooding, electrical shorts, or the smell of gas. If you think it is an emergency, treat it as an emergency. (Loss of heat or AC is urgent, but not an emergency item. Please treat these matters as a General Maintenance Issue.)

2.) Diagnose the Problem: Check to see if you can determine the cause of the problem that you are experiencing. If you can’t, no problem, but if you can, it is very helpful to the folks that respond.

3.) Contact the Correct Party Immediately:

If the emergency involves fire, call 911 first, then call Grid.

If the emergency involves gas, call the gas company, and if necessary, call 911, and then call Grid.

For other emergencies, contact Grid.

If you have a maintenance emergency, please dial our main office number at 503- 321-5140 x 2. This will connect you immediately to our maintenance team, 24/7.

If for some reason you are unable to reach our maintenance team, please immediately call 503-386-8014.

If you are unable to reach us at either number, please take appropriate action to address the issue and/or limit damage to the property, even if this means contacting outside service providers. We will then reimburse you directly or make direct payment to the service provider.

As an example: If your toilet is flooding the house and you can't reach our maintenance team, turn off the water to the toilet, hire a plumber, and we'll pay for it!

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