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Why Choose Grid as Your Portland Income Property Management Company?

We recognize that when it comes to selecting an income property management company, you have lots of choices. Ultimately, your choice comes down to the confidence you have in the property management partner you select to deliver the results you expect from your income property.

As you consider your choices, here are the top 10 reasons why you should select Grid as your property management partner:

1. Client Focus:

All of us here at Grid understand that income property management is a professional service business that is entirely relationship-based. Our focus every day is on serving our Investor and Tenant Clients. We recognize that our success will be completely determined by the degree to which we are viewed as a highly capable, reliable, professional service that is dedicated 24/7 to our Clients. We want to earn your business, and we know that we must to continue earning your business each and every day. We want to be viewed as an essential part of the success of your income property investments, and we are willing to work very hard to earn and re-earn that role.

2. Experience:

We first began building and managing our own income property portfolio in 2002 in Portland, Oregon. From the very beginning, we invested aggressively in the tools, processes, and structure needed to deliver a professional and successful rental experience to all our Tenant Clients. In 2006 we formed Grid Property Management, LLC to put a more complete structure in place as the company grew. We now have over eleven years of highly successful rental property management experience, time tested and tuned in the marketplace, for our Investor Clients. We'd love to have the opportunity to show you how effective we can be.

3. Results:

Since 2002, we have managed the Grid property portfolio at a consistent 94%+ occupancy rate while achieving at-market rents and while keeping our properties well maintained and performing. We'd like to do the same for you!

4. Team:

We have worked very hard to bring together an experienced, capable, and responsive team of outside professionals to accomplish our work. Our attorneys, contractors, screening companies, technologists, CPAs, and others have all been selected and retained because they do an excellent job and because we can rely upon them to deliver on their commitments. We have hired outside professionals while keeping our internal team very focused, concentrating only on what we do best and investing in relationships with other professionals who are in turn excellent at their narrow expertise. The result is a coordinated team of professionals all working inside their area of strength and all focused on achieving success for our investor and tenant clients.

5. Technology:

The pace of change in digital technology is both exciting and bewildering. Grid has committed to aggressively embrace the broad array of digital tools available today for two simple reasons. One, these tools enable us to deliver superior service to our investor and Tenant Clients more rapidly, simply, professionally, and cost-effectively than ever before. Second, today's Tenants are more educated than ever before and they expect that a professional management company will have and deploy technology to make all aspects of the management company/tenant relationship easier, faster, and cheaper. From online advertising and digital contract technology to online rent payment and web-based maintenance requests, today's tenants expect technology to be in use and they move towards and stay with management companies who have invested in and deployed these tools.

6. Transparency:

One way that we believe we can be an essential partner with you in your income property success is to provide you with the information you need, whenever you need it. Grid has developed a highly sophisticated structure of online digital folders, tied directly to and aligned with The Management Success Formula™ program, to give you 24/7 access to the physical, tenant, and financial records for your property. As an investor client of Grid, you will have website access to all the information we have about your property, your tenants, and the financial operations of your property. These comprehensive digital folders are maintained 24/7 and are accessible to you 24/7 from any computer in the world.

7. Structure:

The secret to success in property management is to recognize that like many businesses, property management requires a well-designed, well built, and professionally managed structure of tools and processes all designed and integrated to deliver consistently outstanding service. At Grid, we've taken over 17 years of property management expertise and put it together in a comprehensive structure we call The Management Success Formula™. Our proprietary MSF™ program gives us a step-by-step, detailed, repeatable methodology to ensure that the experience of each of our investor and tenant Clients is professional, complete, and exceptional.

8. Process:

If the procedures and methods used by a property management company vary from Client to Client, are poorly documented, or are incomplete and poorly delivered, the experience of one investor or one tenant will be different from the experience of others, opening the door to dissatisfied Clients and in the case of tenant clients, opening the door to violations of a complex web of state and federal laws. At Grid, we use our proprietary Management Success Formula™ as the structure that brings together and supports all our external and internal processes, ensuring that our service delivery is the best it can be, Client after Client.

9. Toolset:

In the same way that our Management Success Formula™ provides the structure for all our external and internal client support processes, it also acts as the structure and framework for all the tools we use to deliver our services to our investor and tenant clients. From this website to our forms, checklists, accounting systems, reporting systems, and physical and digital filing systems, the entire scope of the Grid toolset has been built and integrated to deliver a consistently outstanding professional service to our investor and tenant clients.

10. Caution:

The world of income property management is highly regulated and filled with legal requirements. Grid takes very seriously all the requirements that a property investor or management company must meet to be successful and to comply with state and federal laws. You can be assured that we are very well versed in the legal requirements that investors and property management firms must comply with, that our MSF™ structure and the supporting Grid processes and toolsets have been designed to ensure that we stay in full compliance for our benefit and yours and that our outside legal team is highly skilled in all aspects of state and federal law.

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